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I'm also afraid of how good this movie was to me! I really enjoyed how comedic Ari was while also simultaneously juggling every emotion that comes with an existential crisis. - Aidee

It was fun! - Aidee

Simply a beautiful adaptation of the original film, live theatre is magic.

Also, I would sell all my non-necessary organs to own the Boh mouse puppet. I need him. - Brittani

This had too many needledrops (can there even be such a thing??) but was pretty cute!


Usually Wes movies always hit for me, but this one was just fine (and I say that as a former journalist!). Certainly nice to look at, at the very least. - Brittani

Been a while since I watched a movie that immediately made me start combing the internet for interpretations and deep dives. Can't wait to watch it again with the mindset that it's a ghost story. - Brittani

This movie made me miss my dog a lot (he's fine, I was just out of town at the time) - Brittani

I REALLY really loved this. Put this in the high fantasy adventure films hall of fame right next to ELLA ENCHANTED and THE PRINCESS BRIDE. - Brittani