Spencer ★★★½

you’d think the selling points like “surreal Diana biopic” and “psychological thriller” would produce a film less…. Boring? But thats just what it means to be British I guess.

The fashion, cinematography, and unexpectedly surreal atmosphere pulled me, but the meat once I sank my teeth in was dry and… listen I don’t need to make a British food joke here you see where I’m going. 

Even though K Stew fully immersed in the Main Character Syndrome meets Unhinged Woman character this “Diana” creates, I never once thought “holy shit she’s truly the princess” I mostly just thought “holy shit K stew looks bomb as hell in that haircut and 90s fashion.”
I think I just felt like an outsider here watching Diana be an outsider. I don’t know all that much of British royal history outside of brain rotting pop culture lists on YouTube and an AP European History class that has nothing to do with this I just want to remind people I was smart once. Anyway this film isn’t holding your hand if you don’t know why Diana is constantly squirming and tearing up (which she does constantly. Jesus is that really what she was like because… I’m not saying I get Charles…) 

I think the Boleyn tie ins were my favorite parts and genuinely chilled me, but I think I mostly just got super excited about the idea of a Boleyn ghost story. The Ether Woman? Booleyn? we can workshop the title…

This review is mostly me listing what I didn’t like, but overall I enjoyed experiencing it. I wish more biopics had this bravery in artistic intentions. It feels singular, mysterious, and elegantly put together, which from my perspective feels very Diana, and if I had a biopic I think I’d rather it be more accurate on vibes than facts. K stews performance seems overexaggerated, but I was still entranced. I’ll be watching so much British royal shit for the next few days now, so maybe it’ll grow on me.

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