Korean Films I Highly Recommend

Hello! I've seen many posts that recommend Korean films, and while a lot of them are excellent, I feel they mention the same movies over and over again. To change things up a bit, I've made a list of Korean films that aren't as well-known as the usual recommendations like Oldboy or Memories of Murder. These are Korean films that are "undervalued" in some ways. They could be films that aren't known by many people, or they could be well-known in Korea but not as popular elsewhere.

The recommendations will be in the following format:

Title of Film - Will also include director and year of release.

Accessibility - Some of these films are mainstream. Some of them are arthouse.…

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  • 1987: When the Day Comes
  • Aimless Bullet
  • Arahan
  • Asura: The City of Madness
  • Bitter, Sweet, Seoul
  • Bleak Night
  • Breathless
  • Children...
  • Christmas in August
  • The City of Violence
  • Declaration of Fools
  • The Fortress
  • Friend
  • Gyeongju
  • A Hard Day
  • Intimate Strangers
  • Io Island
  • Kundo: Age of the Rampant
  • The Last Witness
  • Little Forest
  • Mandala
  • The Merciless
  • Midnight Runners
  • My Dear Enemy
  • Our Love Story
  • Our Twisted Hero
  • Save the Green Planet!
  • Sopyonje
  • Spider Forest
  • Sunny
  • Take Care of My Cat
  • Twenty
  • Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned
  • Waikiki Brothers
  • Welcome to Dongmakgol