• Dune


    Read Dune and parts of Dune Messiah a while back but got bored so I wiki'd the rest of the story + the lore. I'm sure enough fans have talked about how rich or iMmAcUlAtE the world-building is but nowadays I have a general aversion to most if not all forms of (science fiction) storytelling that rely on Orientalism, and I think the series has done a terrible job at "critiquing" imperialism/colonialism. Doesn't matter what the authorial intent was -…

  • Moby Dick

    Moby Dick

    Journalistic heroism is confronted with an elusive system of power and domination. Compositional dynamism - along with an economy of expression - punctuates the continual fixation on political machinations that create artificial chaos and obscurity, all of which have been conjured up by the aforementioned system whose power and reach appear omnipresent, almost infinite. The investigation provides an entrance to the true mechanisms through which a country's institutions have been stained by murder and corruption - crimes so devastating that…

  • My Dear Enemy

    My Dear Enemy


    Hoyeon Jung, Squid Game star, reveals in a recent interview to Vogue Korea that lately she’s been obsessed with the film "My Dear Enemy”

    “I just think it’s something the world needs right now, whenever I watch it my mood changes for the better."

  • Last Night I Saw You Smiling

    Last Night I Saw You Smiling



    Too tired rn to articulate my thoughts but tbph I think Thara wrote an essay that is quite honestly one of the best reviews I've ever read on this site. Also appreciate Allison's perspective so I'm gonna link their review as well. Should give them a follow and check out more of their stuff 😌

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    Halloween (2018) was dumb for its algorithmic and parodic methods of trying to process intergenerational trauma among three generations of women - certainly doesn't help that its theme of "matriarchal empowerment," although welcomed, is rendered rote and reductive through the film's lack of subtextual control. It's to the film's detriment that this framework of revitalizing Michael Myers' legacy through pop-cultural references isn't really appropriate for such thematic exploration. It wants to build mythology but is ultimately afraid of it. Instead,…

  • Warriors Of The Dawn

    Warriors Of The Dawn

    movie was so annoying with its nationalism I wanted to dropkick the prince off the mountain holy fuck

  • No Mercy

    No Mercy

    Not for the faint of heart. One of those films where I would love to write an essay on why it's kinda brilliant but that would ultimately undermine any effort to recommend it. Best to walk into this film without knowing much about it - would make it infinitely more uhhh fun that way d:^)

    Always found Ryoo Seung-bum really fascinating as an actor. Dude's got on-screen charisma ofc but his uproarious expression + his careful attention to subtle naturalistic…

  • The City Of Violence

    The City Of Violence


    I honestly think this is one of the smartest action films out there, but every time I see Jung Doo-hong on-screen, I think to myself "damn I want this gigachad to tornado kick my ass." I don't know what's going on. I thought I would never cross into this threshold of degeneracy. What is happening? Where am I? What year is it? And who is this "Joe Biden?"

    But yeah I fucking love this film 🥰🥰🥰

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel

    Chapter 1: Am I The Asshole For Challenging My Best Friend To Trial By Combat? So me (51M) and my wife (19F) have been happily married for many years, but she told me my best friend (37M) was bothering her or something while I was away for work. To be perfectly honest I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. I didn't think it was a big deal so I told her to go make me a sandwich.…

  • Ad Lib Night

    Ad Lib Night


    Embraces the notion of performance as an embodiment of an alternative persona, one that provides not only an opportunity for expression but also an intersubjective domain where one's identity is at its most malleable. The performer engages in a transformative play of simulations and dissimulations, revealing the subversive potential of appearances that rely on not just the semblance of the self but the resemblance to a given role. Such a performative figure echoes the relationship between spectating and participating. Her…

  • Blood Rain

    Blood Rain

    There is a certain kind of mutability in the film's depiction of grisly murders where the images siphon the on-screen violence as a means to reassemble the film itself as a living organism. In a way, the eponymous blood courses through the aesthetic veins of this breathing work of art. But the violence continues to mature and evolve such that the images stretch the notion of violence so far that in doing so, it blends all of its forms into…

  • The Jang Sun-woo Variations

    The Jang Sun-woo Variations

    "I've sometimes had the chance to look at pornography, and I've never found it very interesting. But I did find the novel interesting - it made me interested. 'Wow, a new world I'd never experienced!' It made me feel like trying out new things. I even felt like trying anal sex for the first time!"
    - Jang Sun-woo

    I'm hetero af but Jang Sun-woo kinda hot 😳