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This review may contain spoilers.

First of all, rest in peace Bernard Herrmann, who was responsible for the sublime score in this magnificent film. His score plays a big part in whole mood of the film. The score helps us feel or get a sense of Travis’ loneliness and also his disgust with the way the streets are. This film strikes me deeply. De Niro’s character, Travis, is a prime example of why we must put more effort to help veterans cope with whatever it is that is affecting them. Travis slowly slips into a darker side as the film moves along, and turns rather violent. He does however, end up doing the correct thing when he sees Iris struggling that one night when she attempted to get in his cab. That $20 bill is so significant that Sport handed to him. He kept it and keeps looking back on it and knew he should have done something that night. What Travis did for Iris was unforgettable and she at the end understood exactly what he did for her. Glad he got Iris away from Sport, she was practically brainwashed. This film is such a classic. Best psychological thriller I have ever seen now. De Niro was masterclass with his acting, especially playing a character of that nature. Definitely a top three film from Scorsese in my opinion. Scorsese surely is my second favorite director.

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