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  • The Pledge
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  • Extreme Measures

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  • Khayal



    मूसीक़ी का एक अव्वलीन सफ़र। उषा देशपांडे की ये Documentary हिंदुस्तानी Classical याने कि भरतिए संगीत कि बारीकियों की पेशकश है, आख़िर 'ख़याल' के मूसीक़ी में क्या माएने हैं? कितने और कौन-कौनसे घराने हैं हिंदुस्तान में? और उन्मे से कैसे-कैसे उस्ताद निकले हैं पिछली सदियों में - इन सब सवालों के जावाब देते हैं हमारे नक़ीब; पंडित ज़ाख़िर हुसेन। यहाँ झलकियाँ हैं उस हिंदुस्तान की जो शायद खोता जा रहा है, जहां 'ओम्' की ग़रज़ निकालता है एक मोहम्मदन, जहां…

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    It was towards the end of my first term in 2014, I took the bus from outside my home near Battersea bridge and went southwards to the Wandsworth shopping centre (a dismal mall). I was going to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, I thought myself lucky that my first ever viewing of this film which I knew by reputation was going to be on the big screen.

    I don't exactly remember if the bus driver was slow or I missed…

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  • Gully Boy

    Gully Boy


    In a recent interview after the film had released, Zoya described Gully Boy as a film that was bigger and going beyond just 'religion' or 'parental dissent'. This was strange to me, strange because in it's finest moments Gully Boy is very much about these little critiques, whether its about parental conservatism in India (which stems from religious orthodoxy) or the way in which religious traditions (in particular working class Muslim households in this case) feel so regressive in today's…

  • Tumbbad



    Fantastic. The finest horror film to come out of India in years, there's some fine craftsmanship on display here whether it's the chilling atmosphere, the phenomenal cinematography or the production design. Even the poorest parts of the film are well above average and the attention to detail and the ease with which mythological elements are weaved into the story are excellent.

    The screenplay and pacing are great but Tumbbad sometimes needs a better lead than Sohum Shah, although he still does an acceptable job. The beginning and the closure will make sure you leave the cinema satisfied.