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  • Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal


    Audacious. Glorious. Candy. Vulgar. Voluptuous. Caffeine. Grand. Resplendent. Cocaine. Stylish. Unorthodox. Crazy...

    I love Heavy Metal

  • Highlander



    Me: God I love this film!

    God: I know!

    Me: Ditto...

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  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    The Don is master.

    The Don is wise.

    The Don is good.

    The Don is bad.

    The Don is mad.

    The Don is great.

    The Don is supreme.

    The Don is corrupt.

    The Don is love.

    The Don is father.

    The Don is withered.

    The Don is ill.

    The Don is God.

    The Don is dead...

    But not forgotten...

    A milestone... A pure milestone!

  • Jaws



    Skinny girl takes a dip. Shark in the water... Here comes the slaughter.

    Steven Spielberg - one of the great masters of adventure - would show the world just how talented he was as a director, with his exceptionally well made tale of a man hungry beast of the sea. That film was Jaws. And it was so well told, and so frightening, that it really did make you afraid to go back in the water.

    Even to this day,…