Batman ★★★★½

In 1989, Tim Burton - a fairly unknown director - made himself noteworthy, when he adapted Bob Kane's timeless, beloved superhero to the big screen.

There were superhero films on the big screen long before Batman. But none of them were as brilliant. As rich. As transporting. And as well made as Burton's excellent take on The Caped Crusader.

And what would it be without a great actor behind the legend? Not much, frankly. But by the powers that be, we got - not only a great actor to play The Caped Crusader - but an excellent one.

Micheal Keaton truly delivers as The Batman. He isn't just some Batman. He is Batman. The voice. The body language. The depth. Micheal has it all down.

To this day, he still remains my all time favorite Batman.

Now, what about the actor who portrayed the arch villain of this tale? Well, he's no Heath Ledger, but he still delivered one heck of a performance.

The actor I speak of is none other than Jack Nicholson. a.k.a. Little Shop of Horrors, The Shining Jack Nicholson... When considering how over the top this Joker is, Nicholson was the perfect choice.

And what of the rest of the cast? In my opinion, they all do a fine job. However, I find Buddy Dee Williams performance as Harvey Dent to be a little out of place. But he still did a good job none the less.

Now that that's out of the way, we can move onto other subjects.

One of the biggest reasons why I love this film so much, is due to how incredibly rich the atmosphere is.

Gotham. Its streets. Alleyways. Architecture. And look is highly transporting. It's all a bit rather dark. But so is the subject matter. All around, it fits very nicely with this particular story in the batman lore.

Also, another thing I must mention is the score. Danny Elfman did an outstanding job with it. It perfectly captures the style. Triumph. Essence. And world of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego. It also perfectly marries itself with every single image on screen. Simply put, it's a brilliant and near flawless piece of musical work.

And as for the rhythm and pacing of the film? It's great! From the very opening - where young Bruce's parents are slain by those two no good hoodlums - to the final confrontation with Joker at the very top of the bell tower, we - the audience - are in pure enjoyment and complete awe every step of the way.

Overall, Time Burton's Batman is one amazing film. It's nearly got it all - Heroics. Excitement. Romance. adventure. And thrills.

If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend booking a flight to pre 90s Gotham...

You won't regret it!

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