Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★

Young girl takes a walk. A bunch of hoodlums want her purse: they ain't here to talk. She flees into the night. The hoodlums give chase. For her, it's a life or death race. She sees an officer standing in the pale moon light. She feels safe: but as she approaches, something doesn't seem right. His face is torn & scarred. As soon as she tries to turn away, he grabs her by the neck and sends her to the grave.

Who doesn't love Bruce Campbell? He's the second greatest B-Movie actor to ever walk the face of this earth (Vincent Price being number one, in my opinion). And here, just like in The Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, he plays a lovable, dimwitted silly-billy. And who can deny seeing a raunchy, killer cop movie with a dark, seedy city backdrop starring Bruce Campbell is anything less than awesome?

I know I can't.