Scarface ★★★★★

Tony Montana's good at his game. He's tough, rough and mean. Yet, underneath there's something unique and kind about this most unusual guy. He's off to America. To begin the dream. To get it, he'll have to do a few seedy deeds. He's playing with fire. but it is, after all, for the pursuit of his personal desires.

Up the ladder he climbs. Making good friends with Miami's lords of crime. One has a pretty girl. She's sweet. But Tony's just not the kind of guy she would usually meet. But under these circumstances, they do. and she soon discovers that Tony is one cool dude.

Relationship with chick on hold. Off to Columbia he goes. A deal is made. A rat gets paid. His due that is. A slip from a chopper that rings his neck in. Don't fuck with me Tony! A threatening statement made. Tony agrees to deal. The events that follow after just don't seem real...

A car that Tony was supposed to let blow. But for sake of its contents. The man ready to pull the trigger had to go. By Tony's very own hand the man is rendered dead...

After dealing with that little problem, everything seems to be turning around for the better. A wedding. A mansion. A big fluffy bed to jump in. A nice huge tub. It's the perfect set up for a kingpin who deals in drugs.

But all is not well for Tony. His sister is getting married. And without his consent. The man, her new wedded husband, just happens to be Tony's best friend. Tony isn't happy. He arrives at her new house one night and does something down right crazy. He's gone and killed his only true friend. And his sister is there to see it all happen. She hates Tony now. She would like nothing more than to see him dead. But Tony loves his little sister. He cares for her like any older brother should. And if he could take back what he did, he would.

Best friend dead. And by Tony's very own hand. Wife is gone. Sister hates him. What more is there to keep going on? Sadly for Tony, his enemies are closing in. And it couldn't have happened at a worse time for him.

They're in the house now. A shoot out ensues. Tony sits there taking the bullets as his abuse. Perhaps he doesn't want to live? Perhaps he's gone beyond the acts of sin? Perhaps he takes it because of what he did? Either way, Tony's had his days. He's lived. He's experienced a taste of the American dream. And tonight, it will all come crashing down to bitter reality.

Goodbye cruel world. Goodbye Tony. Goodbye the sweet smell of cocaine and money. Tonight the legend ended. What once seemed like the impossible has just happened. The great Tony Montana lies dead...

And so people will say good riddance with him. While others will say, all hail Scarface, the crime lord who made a difference! One thing no one will be able to deny. And that is the fact that Tony Montana was indeed a menace... And boy did he ever love the American dream with a vengeance.

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