Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

Very few sequels are as brilliant. Stunning. Poignant. And as compelling as T2: Judgment Day.

Instead of creating a run-of-the-mill follow-up to his horror original, James Cameron takes his action-sequel to heights that transcend the boundaries of what we've come to expect from sequels. In its every moment. Every camera angle. Every ounce of emotion, there is something remarkable going on. Unlike its predecessor, T2 takes - what was a plain story - and makes it anything but. From the poignant, subtly beautiful voice-over work by Linda Hamilton: Which makes its presence known in hints of compelling whispers. To the touching relationship going on between John & the T-800 (brilliantly played by Schwarzenegger). To the glorious, perfectly-placed action sequences, Cameron has done an exceptional job. He takes the audience to cinema-action-perfection.

Seriously - though T2 has its share of flaws here and there - it is the closest one can get to a complete, and perfectly delicious serving of that earth-wormy, action-goodness.

Unlike Cameron's later works, there is also a lot of heart going on here. When one stops to look at the story. Acting. Subtlety. Sequel improvements. And the film's rich set-up of plot, it doesn't take much to realize you're witnessing a-one-of-a-kind masterpiece unfolding before your very eyes. Seriously, there's barely any action films - especially ones that are sequels - that can claim to be as magnificent in every regard as T2 is.

It is - in every sense of the words - a grand piece of action-filmmaking-finesse.

Not to mention - though they have aged a bit over the years - the visual & practical effects are still a sight to behold. Unlike so many other action films from its period - whose effects have aged very badly - T2's remain compelling and awe-inspiring. And even manage to still wow in some of the film's most memorable moments.

Speaking of memorable moments, T2 features some of the greatest, and most epic of all cinema. From the opening sequence. Through the second act. To the closing credits, the film is laced to no end with orgasmic awesomeness. Honestly, who isn't gonna get, at least, some sort of sensational, divine cinematic pleasures from this powerhouse of a film...? I can't think of why anyone wouldn't. But, then again, I have always had a special kind of love for this film... Which may very well cloud my perception of what others may think or feel towards it. But seriously, it really does have a lot of those wonderfully, orgasmic moments. And I don't think it's just me who has that opinion. I certainly hope that that's not the case. Cause, if it is, I'm not going to feel silly for standing by my beliefs... Which are: that I think T2 has a lot - strike! - a "whole" lot of orgasmic awesomeness!

Also, before I forget, the script - though not perfect - is one of the best action scripts to ever back up a triple A action-blockbuster.

Overall, if you want an action-film done right. Has tons of epic. Glorious. Delicious. Downright super-duper-awesome, awesomeness... Well... Than T2 is the film for You!

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