Vertigo ★★★★★

To many people, Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is his magnum opus. While I truly love and adore all his films, I think I would have to agree with them. In my own opinion, Vertigo truly is his greatest work.

Hitchcock did an amazing job with all his films. But it's his work on vertigo that remains his finest. It is the one film that - to Hitchcock - had to be absolutely perfect. For example - Though every film film from Hitchcock has amazing set up. Cinematography. Editing. And acting. Vertigo is his one film where every shot. Every angle. Every cut. And every piece of acting and story element had to be absolutely pristine... And they are.

And what of the score? In my opinion, it's not just one of the finest scores of all time, it also just happens to be the finest score ever to accompany a Hitchcock film. Don't get me wrong, every Hitchcock film has an amazing score (Psycho's score being perfect). But Vertigo's score is, not only brilliant and faultless, but also delivers a dreamy and hypnotizing quality that you don't get in Hitchcock's other works.

So, while every film from the master is truly amazing and absolutely timeless, vertigo is most definitely his greatest achievement as a filmmaker. It's his one film he strived so hard to perfect. His one film that is faultless in every sense. His one film that has - for so many years - remained a mystery as to what its story, characters and ending truly mean...

Is john insane? Did he kill Madeline? Or were all the events that took place in the film just an illusion? Could that scene where Midge goes to see John in that psych-ward in the second half of the film be an indication that everything that took place after john was released from the psych-ward just be one big bad dream in John's tortured and limbo decrepit mind... All the while having always remained in that psych-ward? Hmm...

Either way, whatever the outcomes and answers are for this film - which will always be up for debate - vertigo is by far Hitchcock's most depth-full. Most dreamlike. And most mystifying work ever.

Overall, everything in this film comes together to form one of the most exhilarating. Most haunting. And most unforgettable viewing experiences in all of cinema... Without a doubt in my mind, this truly is Hitchcock's magnum opus.

An undeniable must own!

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