A Time to Love and a Time to Die ★★★½

"Half the tree is gone, but it blossoms as if nothing has happened…"

"You're smiling… why aren't you screaming?"
"I am screaming. You just can't hear it."

I probably missed something (it wouldn't be the first time for me with Sirk, I need to rewatch nearly half of these after this first watch through) but I didn't just find this very different from Douglas Sirk's other work in terms of genre (though the romance felt familiar), I found it a lot more straight forward where he's usually so subtly subversive it's subliminal (the reason I need to rewatch some of them, and perhaps this one too). I found it a lot easier to watch than I expected (I won't rehash my thoughts on war movies again other than to say: I generally don't get along with them), though.