A Wish for Christmas ★★★★

"I just really liked the gift he gave me, and I wanted to ask for another one…"

"Well if you liked it so much why don't you give it to yourself? There's no rule that says that you can't, y'know?"

So now I understand why Lacey Chabert has made so many Christmas movies. She buys into this stuff in a way few actors can. She plays into the innocence and the magic when she's sitting talking to Santa about a wish in the way that Judy Garland did talking to a lion and a tin man in The Wizard of Oz, in a way that's simultaneously 100% sincere yet somehow you believe the fantasy and have a laugh anyway. And about that wish - when she gets that card, granting a wish that will only come true for 48 hours - ugh… I mean, if you know me and what I've written about "wishes granted" movies in the past… hopefully you know why that tore me up quite a bit (I wouldn't know what to do). I mean, it's basically a Jim Carrey movie with Lacey Chabert in the Jim Carrey part… but… that's kind of a good thing? And I like the way the high concept "wish come true" thing takes a back seat when it needs to, to just a basic old fashioned "re-introducing a jaded modern to the shit that really matters" story. At one point it almost turns into Buffalo '66, seriously, the father-son relationship. And the rest is basically Liar Liar with Lacey as Jim. I might be turning into a Hallmark Movie junkie. Maybe this is what I should've been trying to write myself all these years.