A Wrinkle in Time ★★★★★

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

"You should love me because I deserve to be loved."

"Such beautiful faults."

"Tomorrow there'll be more of us."

After the bad press etc I expected and even wanted the cinema to be empty for this (cos I really like having the cinema to myself, not cos I wish the movie badly) but seeing it alone but surrounded with so many young people was exactly the medicine I didn't know I needed right now. This is simply the most hopeful, beautiful, bittersweet thing I've seen in too long.

Within 3 minutes Chris Pine had made me well up ("love is always there even if you don't feel it") and I basically spent the rest of the movie looking like Meg Ryan at the end of You've Got Mail when she realises it was Tom Hanks (that absolutely hurt but happy "how dare you make me feel this way" crying).

I wasn't far wrong with what I expected of this technically (and I should've known better 'cos I have seen the other adaptation, I just don't remember it at all) - I got a major Last Mimzy vibe off the trailer, and I loved the Last Mimzy. There's a real strong scientific take on magical storytelling but also a heavy dose of new agey thinking to help it along. What I wasn't expecting were the feelings, though. The way Storm Reid conveys all the strength she has all the way without knowing, like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, while also being completely believable in things like her being unable to receive a compliment or trust anyone etc. It's heartbreakingly true.

PS the Hamilton reference at the end damn near ended me.

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