American Psycho ★★★★

The double whammy of the way he looks at the gun after the police car explodes and then him mistaking the wrong building for home is what always does it for me. There's horrendous shit in this movie, like it almost seems like it comes from another planet watched today, but I can enjoy it so long as I view it entirely this way: that Bateman is way too pathetic to do any of this stuff, of course it's all in his head (though he's clearly horrible with/to women etc), but if he did do any of it, nobody would care/notice and that's just as horrifying, like how god knows what could be happening just outside of your periphery because the world has become so massive and confused. It's the combination of impotence, arrogance and ignorance of this entire world that for me makes the satire so simultaneously hilarious, scary and always current. The cleverness of the movie is that it's entirely possible to view the movie other ways, but I'm just happy it allows me to view it this way too. Also I'd totally forgotten how crazy the cast of this movie is.