Annabelle: Creation ★★★½

Colour me once again pleasantly surprised by this franchise I never saw myself getting into at all… it's incredibly, almost hilariously predictable (after the stairlift and the bit with the scarecrow I was literally like, "oh wait there must be a while left because there's gotta be a scene with the dumbwaiter we saw earlier…") but atmospherically it's still genuinely scary. It reminded me a lot of last year's season of The Exorcist TV show which I found to be such a mess I could hardly watch in the end, so this must've been doing something right to keep me engaged right through. I'm probably biased as my favourite subgenre in horror is the kind with little girls in, anyway it's worth mentioning how great Talitha Bateman is in this, she's definitely a new fave (unfortunately that means I might have to watch that Kevin Spacey cat movie now though?)