Annabelle ★★★

This gets completely ridiculous and is very "LOUD NOISES!" horror and it's like, the doll is so obviously creepy I just randomly found myself wanting to shriek at the TV, "WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE IT WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE any DOLL WHY DOES IT NOW HAVE LIKE A SHRINE IN THE BABY'S BEDROOM" lol but I sort of expected that. It also gets sort of hilariously reminiscent of one of those old safety videos at one point, when she stabs herself on the sewing machine then the popcorn burns the kitchen down etc. Oh then it becomes Elm Street 5 for a sec before I think they literally switched to video for a massive [Rec] homage? But I can't deny I enjoyed it plenty even through all that, and most importantly the home invasion in the first act seriously shook me up more than anything I've seen lately - I'll actually remember this movie for how that made me feel. I'd kind of love to have seen this in a packed cinema with the worst kind of moviegoers, 'cos I bet it'd be hysterical, and I don't feel that way about movies often.

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