Big City ★★★★★

"Can we talk about lies for a few minutes?"

I mean, this is basically Three Men and a Little Lady before even the original French Three Men and a Baby, right?

Every time I come to a Margaret O'Brien movie (especially now that I'm running out of them) I'm afraid she won't be in them enough, like, I just want the Margaret O'Brien show every time, she could do literally anything for 90 minutes and I would love it, so imagine my joy when she even narrates while her character is only a baby here ("It was me!") Between that, the Coney Island Hangover scene, and Ok'l Baby Dok'l, I frankly don't know what more you could want from a movie. But I am badly biased, because I am completely in love with Margaret O'Brien.

I know I alway say the same thing with movies like this but it's because what I feel about them is so inexpressible, but that for me kind of makes what they do to me if anything all the more important… I don't think these moments where young actors (actresses especially, in my experience, but I'm trying to be diplomatic) did these huge chains of very similar stories (Jodie Foster and Dakota Fanning are the biggest earthquakes off the top of my head but there are many more) has been examined or talked about nearly enough, but like I said, perhaps that's because what these movies do - like, presenting these precocious (such a broken word but I don't know a better one) beings almost like aliens or deities coming down and throwing the world they enter into such disarray they elicit change - is so inexpressible in any other form than the form in which they appear, also, I have my personal investment in them where I'm literally just projecting myself into O'Brien's shoes the whole time, living vicariously through her… like I said, I've said this all before about so many movies, I become a broken record, and I'm never even happy myself with the words that come out… but I guess there'll always be someone for whom this will be the first time they hear it, and every now and then I tweak it, so it's always worth trying to say…

(There are a lot of familiar faces here from other O'Brien movies too… Danny Thomas and Karin Booth from The Unfinished Dance, and Jackie Jenkins from Our Vines Have Tender Grapes… I'm really surprised all of these still aren't available in better condition…)

(PS, also, without comment, the opening/closing title cards)