Captain Marvel ★★★★★

"Hard is knowing you are out there, too damn stubborn to die. And now you come up in here after six years, with your supercharge fire hands, and you expect me to call you fierce? Is that really who you are now?"

This is even more bizarre upfront than I remember (I always am drunk at Marvel Midnight screeenings afterall) - those who continue to dismiss the whole MCU as homegenous crap really don't know what they're missing. This just feels so rewatchable, it's a movie that has room to breathe and smell the flowers, it feels like the studio was like " eh do what you want" and then paid for the (presumably) expensive effects anyway, not the other way around (whether that's true, that's how it feels which is how any studio movie should feel). It's a film that deals in perspectives more than story and Annette vs Brie feels like two waves of feminism at odds with one another which hit me harder right now in pride month than when I first saw it.

Also I think it stands alone bettter than any of the marvel movies since the first Iron Man? Like all the references would kind of hit the unacquainted just the same as the adult gags hit kids in the Pixar movies… they still feel funny/meaningful even if you don't get them? Anyway it's surprisingly just as great as I thought.

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