Dreams of a Life ★★½

It's taken me years to get around to seeing this because, despite how interesting it sounded, the synopsis alone was enough to depress the f**k out of me. I'm painfully aware of how long it would take for anyone to notice sometimes were I to suddenly die in my sleep or something - if it can happen to someone as apparently vivacious as Joyce then it's practically just a matter of "when" for someone like me.

Honestly, I'm not sure there's anything in the film quite so compelling as that basic story, of someone dying alone and not being missed for 3 years until someone wanted money. The bulk of the movie is speculation by "friends" and acquaintances who clearly didn't really know her in the end (if ever), and they all kind of became the worst people on the planet to me as the movie progressed, like how dare they talk so confidently and cast aspersions and suspicion on others as if they were any better to her? - and I felt the same sort of discomfort at the posthumous prying into someone's business as I did watching Finding Vivian Maier earlier this year.

Yet, as with Maier, I probably wouldn't have heard of this story were it not for the film. This kind of thing probably happens more often than any of us would like to think, only most of the time nobody delves far enough to truly uncover how far a person can disappear and be forgotten. So the movie certainly serves a purpose and captures the imagination in a horrifying way and doesn't waste too much time about it at 90 minutes - I'm just fairly sure it's not one I'll feel the need to watch again. Perhaps it's of more value to the kind of people who don't think about this kind of thing 24/7 already - but I don't see them watching it in any more of a hurry than I did.