Drop Dead Fred ★★★★★

"Can he make you puke?"
"Not like you can."

"Is this a girly thing?"
"It's a - creative… visualisation…"

"When something's not working the best thing is to tear it apart and make it better."

"…and when you did all the life, and the spirit, and the…"
"Yeh! the Fred! … went outta me…"

The best thing about this is that it gets better the more you try to see it as if Fred isn't there. Fred's just all those thoughts that come into our head when we see the bullshit around us. Not so different from Dogfight really. It's basically the punk version of It/Nightmare on Elm Street.

Old reviews.

(PS plus we all deserve a friend as good as Carrie Fisher's character who will completely ruin their reputation by beating up our imaginary friend in an open hallway and a lover as beautiful as Mickey Bunce who will just go along with whatever shit we're going through… that lunch scene omg…)

(PPS btw what is going on with Phoebe Cates' old lady style in this movie and why does it work so well for her? lol)