Eloise at Christmastime ★★★★★

"Of course, Nanny and me replay the whole story over Hors d'oeuvres of holiday fudge. We think we're rawther brave."

Easily the best of the two but I guess it's weird how you really have to see the first one first to get a lot of it. This time around really brought home to me why I guess I don't have trouble feeling for this spoiled kid, 'cos of how it shows the one thing she doesn't have, parents (specifically, if you like, a mom), that phone call when she says "what do you mean?" there's something in her tone there that is so true and honest and heartbreaking. I love how you never see her mother's face in either of these movies too, it's like part of the same honesty. Her mom is hers, not ours, when she goes into those arms at the end of each of these stories it's private and we have to look away, it makes it so damn real and moving. Beyond that I direct you to my earlier review of the diptych.