Evelyn ★★★★

"Send in the nuns."

"So you didn't attack a nun then?"
"No I did not. I'm learning the rules of the game."

"Evelyn, let us hear your prayer, please."

Been meaning to watch this for years 'cos I loved Sophie Vavasseur in Resident Evil Apocalypse (she's like a tiny Samantha Morton) but after watching all his Bonds and Thomas Crown in quick succession it's just kind of hit me quite how much I love Pierce Brosnan. Julianna Margulies' Irish accent was a pleasant surprise too. And the "angel rays" thing really got me, of course… oh yeh and so good to see Frank Kelly in something other than (that sitcom by the King of TERFs), he's so wonderful as the grandad. It's a short and sweetened treatment of potentially more ugly material, but it's all so heart-warming it's hard to complain. I should've saved it for Christmas, though.