Filmworker ★★

I never do spoilers and I never do content warnings but I feel like this is important… I docked this movie another half star for throwing Stock Gordon Ramsey Swearing Clip in my face for no good reason ("he was a bit like that sometimes…").

It's just… dreary, and a lot of Kubrick stuff you already know if if you care, but Leon Vitali is lovely. I'm just glad this film actually exists 'cos it feels like I've been following its makers on Twitter for centuries and I had really started to think they were full of sh*t. It's one of those docs I'd be happier if it was an extra (I mean surely the Warner Kubrick titles are gonna be upgraded to 4K soon?) than a fully paid-up feature (it's touring Picturehouses in the UK this month but I have banned myself from my local Picturehouse* - but yay! it's on iTunes) though. I think it took them so long to finish it just to get the length, like when you gotta get a word count on an essay at school. I don't like sounding that condescending, 'cos there is stuff of interest here… but it is not enough to warrant a feature. If the iTunes purchase included hours of unedited outtakes or something I might feel differently. I'm hoping I'll get a refund on this one 'cos I have no cause to watch it again.

(* not over its treatment of its employees though that is reason enough - my reason is particular to my local which has decided to start being overwhelmingly snobby about the local multiplex which is now getting all of my business)