Girl, Interrupted ★★★★★

"Everybody here is fucking crazy."
"You wanna go home."
"Same problem."

I wrote plenty personally before so I wasn't gonna write anything today except like some silly comment like, "visiting my friends" or something but, firstly, this was a long overdue annual watch for me but I waited till the absolute latest cos it kind of is a last resort movie for me; and secondly, just:

Winona Ryder
Clea Duvall
Angelina Jolie
Elisabeth Moss
Brittany Murphy
Whoopi Goldberg
Angela Bettis
Vanessa Redgrave
Mary Kay Place

I mean even in the most objective way just listing the female cast like that this movie is just absurdly great.

Also I feel like there's an entire subculture that is even more defined by this movie's aesthetic than I feel I am, so there's that. I just feel like everybody should know this movie whether they like it or not?