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"She feels her feelings when she feels them. Feelings come up and she actually feels them."

I watch this movie at least every couple of years and think: why hasn't Jodie Foster directed a movie every year since this? Nobody makes movies like this anymore. The attention and care over every single moment and character here just floors me. This feels so much like a real family - the way the grownup kids know every nook and cranny of their old house like they never left, the way they've all grown to love even the worst parts of each other. My favourite character changes as the movie plays out - one second I'm Claudia, the next Aunt Gladys, then suddenly finding immense empathy for the truly lost Joanne. As with Planes, Trains, I have so much more to say about this one, but it's so much that the time I spent telling you would be better spent by you really watching it. It's a truly beautiful movie, and not just one of my favourite holiday movies but probably in my top 10 comedies, too… possibly even my top 10 of all-time in any genre…