Joy ★★★★★

"I don't wanna end up like my family."

"We're doing an invention. It's very serious. It's priority. And I'm helping!"

Gotta admit, I watched this a little bitty, and I only watched it cos Dave Gorman convinced me (despite being so cynical about it) it was worth watching anyway and I'm just in the middle of one of those things where you gotta stay up later than usual to deal with certain stuff. But that line alone. That line alone. It was worth it and made me tear up. I remember when it first came out and it was like it's a movie about a woman who invented a mop? And I was totally one of those people as much as I was starting to understand Silver Linings Playbook (I'm still starting to understand that movie so god knows how I'll think of this one in years to come). But it's really one of those movies that makes you realise you can truly make a movie about anything and that will grow on me/you the more I/you watch it, I'm certain. I mean that whole sequence about Bradley Cooper's having said one thing but not fully believing it, dang, that's everything… This whole movie just made me make that happy/sad bittersweet cry face you wanna make for every movie so many times… PS there is a significant Christmas scene in this if you need the justification this time of year (I didn't need it but it helped justify the random viewing when I saw it lol). It's 4 and half for the surprise it gave me personally, but it's 5 for the fact that it's basically every thing it ever needed to be for what it is.