La La Land ★★

"I want a refund and I didn't pay for it." - Sarah 😂 (read no further she reviewed it better in 10 words than I did below)

It's the worst because it has so much in it that makes me want to love it and, god help me, I know I'll come back to it again and again hoping, but it's just empty calories. I probably said all this last time but I'm not gonna check cos I really wanted this to be the best second chance I could give it, and I'm actually surprised that it was, if anything, worse, a second time around.

The songs are catchy and will haunt me through sleepless nights for another month again but that's all they are, catchy, and there's way too little variation (like, I think there's only 2 real distinct tunes in the entire thing, everything in the first 45 minutes sounds exactly the same, to the point it makes me want to scream). City of Stars is the best of them but even it is barely a song, it's like just the idea of a song, just the hook, just enough to call it catchy. There's not enough of anything, and everything that's great comes from somewhere else.

The non-musical parts of the movie are marginally better, there are a lot of great lines I missed out on last time, and the photography/design is beautiful, all those solid colours… ugh… it's just a really infuriating movie to me, and I'm not even qualified to address the white saviour aspect though I understand even that's there too. And it's like 40 minutes too long. And it just feels so bitter in the end. And don't get me started on the actual ending. Worst of all it occasionally seems to actually have a really good point to make about the rat race but by failing as much as it does to make that point it actually kind of adds to the pile of stuff it's against?

I was watching the extras and listening to the commentary etc earlier and they said that basically they made (the f-ing brilliant) Whiplash so that they could make this and I was like, if it was the other way around it would maybe justify this film's existence?

Like, just, please, I'm just asking, if you haven't watched this yet and think you want to, just please watch Umbrellas of Cherbourg first, and if you have watched it and thought it was amazing and haven't seen Umbrellas of Cherbourg then, watch it, and re-calibrate?

It was fun to watch with Sarah though. We have a better movie for second Valentines tomorrow ;-)