Leatherface ★★★½

I knew I had to watch this eventually and I kind of watched it grudgingly, plus wasn't fully paying attention, so, considering that? I heard awful things about it but the opening is amazing, you can really see who the younger version of everyone is etc, it settles down into the kind of movie you expect, like "why is this necessary?"… but it still has a couple of genuinely great gory set pieces along the way that made me make exclamatory noises. At one point it basically turns into Natural Born Killers. Plus Lili Taylor classing the place up like nobody's business… she's a freakin' wildcard lately. In a franchise that has that other sequel with "Leatherface" in the title… it's fine. I'd watch it again - probably only when there are so many Texas Chain Saw movies I can make a 24hr Halloween marathon out of it and I've run out of all other ideas (we can't be far off then) - but I'd watch it again.