Light Up the Sky! ★★

For some reason I thought this would be one of the better Lewis Gilbert movies (if not as personally affecting as Cry from the Streets) but I panicked as soon as I saw Benny Hill's name in the opening credits. In fairness he plays it relatively straight (for him - he salutes without making a funny face, eg) but this is still more Dad's Army-ish than I expected and there's kind of no real story to speak of. Given how much I tend to dislike war movies (Kubrick's about the only one who ever really got it for me) you'd think I might like ones that make light of it but they all come across as just as overly worthy as each other, as if simply being about the war is meant to make up for the absence of everything else one expects from a movie. I'm sure stuff like this had its place at the time for those who had only recently gone through it but, 60 years later, there's not much value left.