Lost Angel ★★★½

"But you don't have to be with people to love them!"
"Oh Mike… yes you do…"

There's something a little dodgy about the treatment of Margaret O'Brien's precocity and the adult-child relationship here as there was in Bad Bascomb, but you can kind of see where that weirdness would come from. I wasn't really aware till recently of her as such a precocious performer having only seen her in Meet Me in St Louis and The Unfinished Dance but I guess it really was a thing with her - you can kind of imagine producers having meetings like, she's amazing but what do we do with her? As you can imagine with so many other young performers, so completely alien are they compared to their peers; so you end up with stories like this about a girl raised to be a genius who escapes the institute to try and find magic then falls in love with a journalist (he kind of becomes her father by the end but it's really shot and played like any 40s romance). Like O'Brien herself really it's a little weird but a million times more watchable than anything else like it.