Love Streams ★★★★

“I don’t like men a lot, you know? I’m a writer, I don’t make money on men. Nobody’s really interested, they’re kind of boring.”

“I want you to be patient with me because I don’t know exactly where I’m going yet.”

So, I really wasn't wrong in my first impression of Cassavetes, even if I got it from the "least" Cassavetes Gloria, huh? Here he takes what I said there about the "be a man" thing even further and that's just one little sequence of a movie that is less about macho BS than, just, all the BS that we allow to get in the way of pure love. Most powerful to me were a couple of early shots, just slow zooms onto the faces of children in the midst of adult conversations - one a teenage girl in the middle of her parents’ divorce hearing (I felt like Paul Thomas Anderson took the tone of that scene directly for the similar scene with Amber Waves in Boogie Nights, incidentally), the other a young boy being dropped off at the house of the father he barely knows. Watching Cassavetes play that father, a wreck of manhood, essentially through his own eyes, especially after those painfully sensitive shots, is so complicated… like, I’m looking at the guy who understands what a mess these situations are and I love him, but I’m also looking at the mess he’s playing so well… that kind of thing is why I love movies, though. It gets a little crazy and messy towards the end with the whole animals segment and dream sequences, but I kind of watched even those parts just as mesmerised as the straighter stuff… the entire animals part could take place shot for shot in a hundred infinitely dumber movies, but in this context it’s just such a bizarre diversion it rattles you completely. I feel like I’ve lost myself now, sorry, I don’t seem to be thinking straight this month but these Cassavetes movies have kind of been the only things to make sense to me lately.

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