Man on the Moon ★★★★★

This was just on my long list of faves I needed to rewatch "sometime" as I try to reformulate my top 500 (it's taking longer than I thought it would, I might get there by the time I'm 40 lol) but I didn't anticipate it having aged nearly as well as Idiocracy in light of the world we now find ourselves in. I just love the way the movie messes with my feelings so much that when I still find myself feeling something in the final act, I know that those feelings might be more real and pure than anything I've ever felt for having gone through such a rigorous filter. I also love how they made it at perhaps the latest they could have made it in terms of the cameos of the Taxi cast, Letterman, etc, it's all really impressively seamless. It's a tougher movie to watch than I remember - because Kaufman really was pretty damn good at pretending to be an asshole, and Carrey was pretty damn good at pretending to be Kaufman - but just as worth it.