Moulin Rouge! ★★★★★

I love most of all how this movie turns these songs we all know so well they're part of our DNA in to like actual love spells. The way the Duke's eyes light up when Satine sings Your Song to him just to cover up what's really going on and like THAT MOMENT is the beginning of the end of everything just because that's how powerful these iconic moments in our culture can be for better or worse. This movie ruins me in so many great and awful ways. I actually just apologised to an old friend because it reminded me of what a mess I was back then.

*oh yeh, it needs to be said if I didn't before, between this, Almost Famous and School of Rock I basically discovered all of the music I'd missed in my sheltered "nothing but 60s compilation cassettes and Andrew Lloyd Webber" childhood* lol (oh I did say all of that here… whatever…)