Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger! ★★★★½

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"Is it a boy or a girl?"
"It could be an in-betweenie!"
"I don't think you get those…"
"Yes you do!"

I'm still hoping that despite the reception of the 3rd movie in this franchise there will be more, and I think I might make it a point to always watch them in reverse, because as much as I still love Nativity 3 in spite of itself, this kind of comes across as a masterpiece compared watched so soon after, and I know that the original is even more of a leap in depth and quality.

The songs across the board are way better than than the 3rd movie (the cave scene and the "Climb the Mountain" song in particular are right up there with the first movie). It goes as far as the third movie too while holding on a little harder to the grittier roots of the original.

I'm not gonna say you need this in your life… but you do need something like this in your life. And if you respond the way Mark Kermode did when it came out then you probably need to re-examine your definition of cinema/reality.