Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment ★★★

"Don't make me flare my nostrils!"

I basically had exactly 90 minutes to spare and wouldn't have watched this so soon after the first if that wasn't exactly the case, but, oh, this was a relief. It's still not the greatest but at least the bigoted crap is way curtailed in this one (I mean, mainly 'cos there's barely any women and zero LGBT people in it, so this is really only a win on the racial end, I guess…) (the gay bar from the first movie makes a return but the gag is actually barely related to sexuality compared to its use in the first movie, they might as well be stumbling in to a dance school…) … as soon as I saw Bobcat Goldthwait's name in the opening credits I got a feeling it might be better like I knew there was something missing from the first one lol. I'm still confused 'cos my memory of this was even clearer than the first (and I definitely haven't seen this since the early 90s) and I was willing to admit I mightn't have actually seen the first as a child but I definitely did see this and I don't know how 'cos there are still boobs and language etc… maybe that just was my childhood, idk… anyway, yes, thank god, this one's alright… not great, but, alright… I might actually get through the rest of them now.

(PS. is it significant that this movie preceeded Ghost by years with "I love you," "Ditto," or was it already a cliché and I just didn't know?)

(PPS. that third act domestic violence scene is freakin' bizarre and might explain why the third movie is only 80 minutes long lol)

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