Ramona and Beezus ★★★★★

"Who could ever love someone called Beezus?"

"Sometimes I color inside the lines… it really depends on the picture…"

"I certainly know something terrifical when I see it."

I was kind of hoping I already had a review of this but I guess I watched it just before I started writing again here… anyway, this is even better than I remember, maybe just because the kind of fears and anxieties it deals with only increase with age, maybe just because I know exactly how much I love Joey King now (I think this was probably the first thing I saw her in). It's just an unbelievably cute movie about the cracks of reality starting to show in the life of an over imaginative kid whose very uniqueness that gets her into trouble at first ends up touching everyone around her. It kind of reminds me of Harriet the Spy and Lawn Dogs and the Eloise movies that way in places, with even better visual representations of Ramona's flights of fancy. I just adore movies like this. Anyway it gave me some much needed laughs and tears (sometimes both at once) after a few days being a little post-Halloween depressed (always seems to happen at some point this time of year).