Ready Player One ★★½

Eh, from the sublime (Wrinkle in Time) to the ridiculous… Mainly this is just infuriating, another of those movies that just has so much good stuff in it but keeps ruining it with the kind of stupid BS that has always stopped me from being a part of the "nerd" world. Like, the best part, The Shining scene, such a perfect recreation of the sets (like, to me another piece of that thing I've been waiting for that I talked about in my Rogue One review regarding the recreations of Fisher and Cushing, I mean you put all this together and there are so many amazing possibilities), ruined as soon as the little girls appear and they're clearly not the ones from the movie - and I know it's meant in that case to be a flawed recreation but it's just kind of exemplary of the constant way the movie let me down. When Chucky appeared at the end I should've been like standing on my seat with excitement but I was honestly more like that Seinfeld gif - like, again, that guy is like, "it's f-ing Chucky!" and I was just like no it's someone's shitty Second Life Chucky lol. It's just amazing how something so full of… stuff can be so dull. That said I loved Olivia Cooke (especially in the real world) and Mark Rylance (again, more the "real" version of his character) and the whole thing kind of left me thinking about what I'd be/do in the Oasis which is fun, but ugh, I didn't really have a good time movie-wise with this. It kind of mostly felt like I was watching a movie in Mike Judge's Idiocracy world.

(oh yeh, I also wanted to say at some point here: Charlie and the Gaming Factory and Memberberries: The Movie…)