Showgirls ★★★★★

"You fuck 'em without fuckin' 'em, well it ain't right! You got too much talent for it to be right!"

"I can make that, let's go to the fabric store."
"I wanna buy it."

"You can fuck me when you love me."

"You're the only one who could get my tits poppin' right…" (I actually cried at this line, I may just be emotioally fragile right now…)

"She's got it"
"I wonder how she got it."
"Well she certainly didn't learn it."
"She learned it alright but they don't teach it in any class."

When u watch a 23 year old movie that is infamously terrible but actually says things about gender that would go viral right now and just leaves you with the sorry thought that talking about this shit clearly never gets us anywhere… There's so much I wanna say about this but is it really worth saying? I was just stunned by this rewatch…

(PS I am in awe of Elizabeth Berkley… this was literally a year after she hung up her Saved by the Bell character for the last time… she could've burned her whole career down with this… I was so relieved when I looked at her IMDb in the middle of this and saw she's still getting regular work…)