Sleepwalkers ★★★★

(Part of my 24hr Halloween Marathon 2014: Stephen King)

So this is what Mick Garris can do with a movie budget, huh?

Honestly, I didn't know a thing about this going in… I decided to start my Stephen King marathon with it cos I liked the irony of starting an all-nighter with that title. But I couldn't have picked a better movie to start - Enya music, cats, Stephen King (among other horror notables) cameoing, and more cats! Pure silliness and way, way slicker than I expected from Mick Garris' other 90s work - even the morphing effects (some of the first, apparently), though very simple, hold up pretty well.

BTW, does Stephen King like cats or not? 'cos it's really hard to tell from this…

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