Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★½

Kind of the least essential MCU movie so far (there isn't even anything of substance post-credits, in fact it's just a kind of up-yours joke about that very thing); the least responsible Spidey we've ever seen (lots of Man of Steel-like devastation that kind of goes unanswered for); and it takes a long time for it to let you know why that is (it's basically one of those Doctor Who episodes where he can't use the TARDIS or the screwdriver at the end). The least emotional of the Spider-Man movies so far too. I mean basically this just isn't my Spider-Man - I'm finally too old for it? But I find myself thinking this is probably a good thing - it's also the most kid friendly Marvel movie in a long time, I think. And I had a few laughs. And it has a fairly decent villain I guess. Blah.