Strictly Ballroom ★★★★★

I probably said all this before and will also probably go back on it as I inevitably watch all his other films again over the weekend - I mean, to me, he's one of the few directors who has never put a single foot wrong - but this may be not only my personal fave Luhrmann, but just objectively his best, and certainly one of the best films by a first time director. Every aspect of his ongoing style is established here, you can see how he planned it just the same way as you can see him doing in the behind-the-scenes stuff of Moulin Rouge etc, the way he uses music and movement to convey instant emotion except on such a lower scale budget-wise. I'm always struck by just how funny it is even while it's making me cry (I'm about to post a top 50 romantic movies list for Valentines day but I must remember it when I do my comedy list too…). I was really moved by the juxtaposition of Scott/Fran's home life this time around. I love the way this movie makes "beautiful" people look ugly and "ugly" people look beautiful. It hurts me when people don't get it. And Kylie and Luke are the goddamned best.

(ahh great, I actually didn't say some of that before, my last review was mainly about the stage show and the earlier one was way short :)