The Snorkel ★½

This starts out so surprising with a freaky murder scene reminiscent of Dennis Hopper and his gas in Blue Velvet - it's a full 10 minutes before anybody speaks English, the only words being the scant Italian of the housekeepers discovering the crime (I kind of panicked that I'd got a dubbed version). Unfortunately it quite quickly gets far too ridiculous from there, and the saddest thing of all is that teenaged Mandy Miller is outacted every second by the dog she carries with her for half the movie - she was always one of the most heartbreaking of movie criers, but I have to admit every time she did it here I laughed (there is a nice scene on the beach where she discovers her power over the bad guy, though). I don't think that was her fault, though, because the entire thing feels grossly over-directed and soapy, even for a Hammer movie. The ending is particularly drawn out and stupid to the point I took off yet another half star. Really disappointed by this one.