The Ultimate Christmas Present ★★★★

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"I am so sorry Santa."

Unless you count the 1999 Annie (which I often do), or unless I'm forgetting something, this is almost certainly the best Christmas TV movie. You can't do much better than two late 90s LA tweens f-ing around with things they're not supposed to (in this case the weather) in their bedroom and Hallee Hirsh breaks my heart without even saying a word once she realises just how bad they've messed up. (I'm genuinely surprised I haven't written about this here before - I guess I was hoping each year to find an HD copy, well, this year I finally did…) Or maybe this was just "my" time for Disney Channel (even if I was 20 at the time and still didn't discover half of it till my mid 20s…) Anyway, it's sort of the definition of my 4 star rating, this one - it doesn't dwell on anything long enough to really wreck me or anything, but what it does, it does pretty perfectly.