Toy Story ★★★★★

"This isn't flying… this is falling with style!"

I never expect this to be so good… then it opens with like a little too much of the second-rate human animation for its own good and I'm like eh, at least it's only 80 minutes… but then as soon as those toys come to life it's just like always as magical as when The Wizard of Oz goes into colour… maybe they deliberately cranked down the quality upfront here? 'cos these 80 minutes are just incrementally, systematically better, minute by minute, and not one of them is wasted. It's a case where the material utterly suits the brand new medium, literally, a story about the new replacing the traditional… Woody is hand-drawn animation, Buzz is computer… will Buzz completely replace Woody? Or can they co-exist… etc, etc. It's not overly impressed by its own sheer novelty, in fact it's admirably apprehensive, even as it feels perfectly lived in. And as usual with me it's 50% about the music… one of my favourite things is imagining those screenings where they finally added the music to films like this, and this one must've been incredible. I always think Toy Story 2 is my fave in this series 'cos Jessie (and maybe that will be true when I rewatch that in a couple of weeks) but even without Jessie this is astonishing. That final sequence on the road is one of the greatest animaated sequences of all time alone.