Video Violence 2 ★★½

For like half an hour (of a barely 1hr+ running time) this seemed to be basically nothing but one of the nasty tapes from the first movie with no commentary whatsoever - then we see three girls watching this tape and right down to the dialogue it's like something out of the Scream series 10 years later. I'm not saying this is crazy ahead of its time or anything, stuff like Slumber Party Massacre was already doing this kind of thing with a budget - but it still turned around on me more than I expected, like the first one did. The nasty stuff is even nastier though (btw like not in terms of eww gory, just something about the tone that doesn't sit well with me for deeper reasons). I'm just glad it wasn't awful but I can also free up some drive/cloud space 'cos it's not that much of a keeper lol.