You've Got Mail ★★★★★

"The odd thing about this form of communication is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings."

"Is there someone else?"
"No. But there is the dream of someone else."

It's slightly (and surprisingly, considering it's Nora Ephron) mean that he has the technical upper hand for nearly the entire second half of the movie, but I can't help it, I go weak for this. I guess it's like I said of Annie playing into my actual desire to be the kind of girl (yes, girl) this kind of story portrays. I always remember being struck most by the almost hurt look in Meg Ryan's eyes at the end when the veil is lifted, "I wanted it to be you so badly." Yes there are women who would beat the shit out of Tom Hanks in that moment and more power to them and they should totally make that movie… but there are also the 1998 Meg Ryans (and wannabes) of this world and this is about them (and me).

I wanted to say something about how similar Nora Ephron's style is to Garry Marshall's like her use of side characters/performers and locations/extras etc but that'll have to remain a brainfart cos I lost my thread here lol. Oh and that it kinda still seems way ahead of its time in terms of the way it portrays the internet and how it changed things, like big business, not just the bookstore but like Starbucks and AOL are integral to this movie (it's kind of key that they somehow managed to get both companies onboard to use their logos etc which immediately sets it apart from so many tech movies of the 90s). Maybe it's that it ties so strongly into my own discovery of all these things, like I had just got on AOL, Border's and Starbucks had just come to the UK when I first saw this movie, and my first internet relationships, (god that twinkle IM sound still gives me chills I literally had that moment when I was e-maiing someone and I didn't even know IM existed and they IMed me and I was like WTF) so I'm the least objective point of view on this movie, but god, even if it's only as a document, this movie is huge to me.

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