• Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture


    "Out there… thataway…"

    Couldn't remember how I'd rated this or what I'd said about it even though it was only last year but this was the new remaster with 4K effects (though I watched it at 1080p download, I'm not buying it again), after spending the time between watching Enterprise, Discovery, the Original Series and Animated Series, and after reading that short review from last year I'm fairly sure this was an improvement, for whatever reasons… I still get most…

  • Sam's Son

    Sam's Son


    "It's hard to believe in a movie about Jews when most of the parts are played by gentiles."

    (That's funny 'cos Michael Landon made his late career off the opposite lol)

    I happened to get up to the double whammy of the Dick Van Dyke/James Earl Jones episodes of Highway to Heaven this week and there's no way this stands up to those or anything in that show or Little House… but I still love everything Michael Landon ever did,…

  • Johnny Guitar

    Johnny Guitar


    "Lie to me."

    I've been way too scattered to watch much the past week and I still don't really know what to say about this except it penetrated me emotionally, especially that scene, there are depths here I never expected decades ago when it first came into my periphery, like so many movies it wouldn't have done any good for me to watch it any sooner than right now though. I really believe movies find you at the right time…

  • Gidget Goes to Rome

    Gidget Goes to Rome

    Cindy Carol has nothing on Sandra Dee or Deborah Wolley, though Jessie Royce Landis lifts it a little. There's just nothing very Gidget-y about this at all.

  • Groundswell



    "Did I just pack a bag and fly to Hawaii?"

    "Surfer's hours, Gidget."

    Absolute nonsense pseudo-foodie dialogue at the start which settles in once it becomes part of the deliberately shallow reality-style cook-off element, but I'm here for Lacey does Gidget and, for that, I was not let down. It goes without saying I could've done with a lot more of the surfing stuff than the cooking stuff but the combo certainly makes for a more unique story. Loved the…

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    "My hope is that one day you find something that makes you feel this shitty…"

    It's more hilarious to me than I expected how the incels and anti-wokes were afraid of this when its primary message is really all about pretty much destroying Jane-as-Thor? Like it's maybe the only part of it that didn't sit well with me even as it intermittently moved me. It was more like the attempt to have certain real heavy emotive shit happening against a…

  • The Pied Piper

    The Pied Piper


    Far from anybody involved's (Jack Wild, Demy, Donovan and Cathryn Harrison - who I knew I recognised but had to look up - she was next in Louis Malle's Black Moon…) best and oddly repetitive even musically (the one theme it has is beautiful but ruined by overplaying) but it's still pretty sweet especially if you're a Donovan fan. I've been wanting to watch this for years and not sure why I took so long. It'll be there on my "I should watch that again some day" list till the end.

  • Executive Suite

    Executive Suite

    Wanted/expected to like this so much… just never connected. I hate myself.

  • The Bad Seed Returns

    The Bad Seed Returns


    I was simultaneously perturbed and intrigued when they put this off after the mass shooting earlier in the year, equally so when Mckenna Grace(ful) in her typical way, when the movie was finally due to air in its reassigned slot, said on Instagram about how they'd had to dampen down how dark her original script was lol. Point is, a good half way through this, I was thinking, "how much f-ing darker *was* this original screenplay by a teenager?" lol.…

  • Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert

    Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert


    I'm sure I must've watched this since I've been on Letterboxd but I guess I was being stuffy and not logging it cos I didn't think it was really a movie? But it really is, the documentary parts I guess have at some point in the last 14 years become really profoundly nostalgic. And the music just speaks for itself. I just found myself putting Meet Miley Cyrus on first thing this morning and it led to this (and probably…

  • Nope



    My favourite thing about this might've been that it had that Jodie Foster song, the French version to boot, La Vie C'est Chouette, which I adore, in the background at the beginning. I think I just wasn't in the mood for the rest. I was sort of expecting a Signs sort of thing n that in in itself would've been a challenge cos I have wanted to rewatch Signs for years… but it's actually more like A Quiet Place/II n…

  • Blue Sky

    Blue Sky


    "He's blind and she's crazy."
    "They're perfect for each other."

    "Everybody say shit."

    I needed some background today so I watched this that I found a few weeks ago, the full (minus a few copyright issues) 1995 Oscars which includes some things not on the official Academy account, it was worth it… what stood out was the clip of Jessica Lange in this, for whatever reason, really made me feel like I was ready for it. I'll be honest,…