• Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

    Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa


    “I just don’t know why a sock would be on the moor… a mitten maybe…”

    “Like the shitshank redemption”
    “The Armitage Shank redemption.”

    Scheduled this for the week after this series of This Time ended 'cos I knew I'd have Partridge withdrawals. Yeh this has way more “my face hurts” moments than I thought it would this time around. I was sure I had an older review of this so that's all I have lol, it's Partridge, it all blurs together, but there are some of the best moments in this for sure.

  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    "Say it so it doesn’t disappear."

    "I wish I was mad -
    I’m just too late."

    This'll be a short and messy review 'cos I didn't think this was out till next week but I have plans on Sunday and really wanted to watch this with my family so today was the only option or I'd be waiting longer than I can wait lol… basically this is so much better than I thought it'd be, and I thought it'd be…

  • Checkmate



    "I'm so damn fat I can't even make breakfast."

    I thought this was gonna be such a waste of time after the first (of 3!) Timothy Woodward Jr/Mischa collaboration(s) but it's immediately better looking despite having the same "wow!" pre-credits then "oh yeh sorry that's actually the end of the movie… mmmaybe?…" opening as Throwdown… it meanders for a bit but once Mischa is onscreen it's, again, just way better than the other movie even regarding her contribution, like, she…

  • Pretty Polly

    Pretty Polly


    (I thought the title difference on this might have something to do with Pretty Polly being a popular underwear brand in the UK around the time it came out but apparently "A Matter of Innocence" - the title I watched it under today - a terrible YT copy incidentally, might've contributed to my experience - was the US retitling… I did wonder how they'd had time to do a title song before reconsidering lol… I mean both titles sound like…

  • A Goofy Movie

    A Goofy Movie


    I think it was someone on Alison Arngrim's podcast (which I've been catching up on since I found out about it, I'm still in the middle of last year) who mentioned this and reminded me if was directed by Kevin Lima who did two of my faves, Tarzan and Eloise at the Plaza/Christmastime, and also spoke of its depth regarding "failed" fatherhood which also connected to what I love most about Tarzan at least. It was already on my watchlist…

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    I saw this in my twitter timeline over their "yes she's a lesbian" thing which I know. shows probably how easy I am sometimes… n I decided to try n watch it with my characters of this thing I'm writing ( cos frankly they were more excited about that revelation than I was). I'm really sad about the people who sold me on it this way, It's horrible blandness.

  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    Shit I hate Sundays sometimes lol… I thought I logged this already and I'm already watching another movie! I didn't even make any notes on this while watching it? But I guess I still think it's more important than anyone thinks in the big Bond picture, cos it was the first to truly make light of it, there are multiple Bonds? and it's so crazy about the music too. It's just weird to me how not Bond this is while…

  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It


    This was bonkers enough to overcome any misgivings I might have about it. It dives straight into a full "dang I wish we could just remake The Exorcist" thing but immediately connects that back to the heart of what this franchise (and really Blatty himself too) was about so it's trying better than it needed to, and than I expected it to without Wan at the helm… I still feel like Annabelle Comes Home is more of a Conjuring movie…

  • Britannia Hospital

    Britannia Hospital


    “You wouldn’t know Karl Marx from a toffee apple!”

    "So much for the human solution. That dream is over.”

    "In 5 years time this brain will be out of date.”

    I always understood If…, O Lucky Man and this as a thematic trilogy where even though Malcolm McDowell has the same character name it’s only a convenience and the ideas are the only connection, but this does have more ties to O Lucky Man than that had with If… (even…

  • The Oh in Ohio

    The Oh in Ohio


    This isn't a Hallmark movie but it reminded me of how magical and special terrible movies can be. It's also genuinely great for the opening stretch which has nothing to do with Mischa. It's not a good movie for her. It's not good for anyone. But you do see her Bartons again for a sec and she kinda says the greatest line the first time… ahem if that kinda thing matters to you… Fuck it's special somehow though. A little…

  • Poor Cow

    Poor Cow


    Major conflicted feelings about this cos I know I misinterpreted it lol. I thought this was gonna be like harsh and gritty as Dulcima I guess and be clear about how terrible the protagonist's situation was? But I was just immediately amazed by how cinematic it was in general (I thought it was a TV movie before I put it on) but, like, Carol White's character seemed to be to be really strong and living her dang life mostly? I'm…

  • O Lucky Man!

    O Lucky Man!


    “There’s nothing in the North for a boy like you. Good luck.”

    “What’s all this got to do with me?”

    Don’t ask me why the running time of this doesn’t turn me off like the Young Girls of Rochefort, I guess it’s just that it’s genuinely epic in the turns it takes, even as it remains relatively small in terms of its bizarre roots as a story about a coffee salesman.

    I forgot *tons* about this since I last watched…