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  • The Story of Film: A New Generation

    The Story of Film: A New Generation


    "We hope the cultural pessimists are wrong."

    A neat update package to his epic series (which I can't believe was 10 years ago now - I've still barely touched the book I immediately bought after it aired lol). I'm less excited to be told by others what cinema is because I have my own viewing plans and areas of interest etc now, but it's still good to be reminded of a bunch I really ought to have seen by now…

  • The Novice

    The Novice


    "Fuck the best."

    "What the fuck, dude? It's supposed to be fun."

    I try not to fall for the "wow everyone's talking about how great this thing is!" when in fact it's just the actual star RT'ing relentless positivity, but when that star is Isabelle Fuhrman (so I'm already interested in anything she's in) and it's people comparing it to things like Black Swan/Whiplash etc, I kinda can't help it. Those comparisons are a little unfair, though not far off…

  • Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

    Felicity: An American Girl Adventure


    Yeh, this is nowhere near as special as Samantha, but it was really great to revisit it (in HD for the first time too) 'cos I guess I didn't watch the whole "trilogy" as often as I thought - I had no idea who Shailene Woodley was (or would become) when I last saw this, and even having just watched it I'm still finding it hard to believe that was her lol… she's so different here…

    8th December 2007:


  • Spaceballs



    “They’ve gone to plaid!”

    “I turned off the wall!”
    “You turned off the whole movie!”

    "Where the hell are we? Paris?"

    "I can't make decisions, I'm a President!"

    It was £3.99 on iTunes in 4K so I couldn’t resist this just for the extras. This is kinda more farcical than Gremlins 2, too (sorry, I sound like I have it in for that movie this month I guess - I don’t, just never thought it as crazy good as some).…

  • Samantha: An American Girl Holiday

    Samantha: An American Girl Holiday


    Major comfort watch, first time in HD (so gorgeous). I think I watched it every Christmas for about 5 years after it first came out as they released Felicity, Molly, and Kit Kittredge (I sort of stopped watching them after that cos they weren't as Xmassy) (the last record I have of watching the trilogy was 2012 which sounds about right, so it's been almost a decade, yikes!). AnnaSophia Robb is just perfect in this. It's a bit Little Princess/Annie/Meet…

  • New York Crossing

    New York Crossing

    This is maybe only the third time I’ve done this - I was forced to watch an Italian dub because it’s the only version I could find (previously I watched Amelie and Innocence before I was able to acquire subtitles - though at least I knew some French for those). I think I gathered most of the story, however - an estranged father returns to his family, and while meeting his granddaughter? for the first time (in a long time…

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black


    "Did anything about that seem unusual to you?"

    "You know what they say, it's better to have loved and lost than-"
    "-Try it."

    Another way too short Xmas weekend review (actually almost forgot to log it at all lol, really wish I had an old review of this). The thing I remember most about this was it was one of the options for what to see on our one trip to the cinema when me and my family went to…

  • Dr. No

    Dr. No


    As usual so little to say about early Bond, but that scene where he does various tiny proper spy things including the tiniest, threading a single hair over a door… reminded me of that watch bit in Chinatown, I really loved that scene… it's still only okay to me overall though.

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    If you’ve seen this, I hope you’ll understand that there’s very little for me to say first time around, ‘cos I went in pretty blind (I was grateful that even Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin kept schtum on the details on this week’s Fat Man Beyond while telling all about Spider-Man - the details of which were obvious anyway). This in addition to it being Christmas Eve and my not having a lot of time to process/write about a movie…

  • Small Soldiers

    Small Soldiers


    "These are soldiers. What do soldiers need?"

    "Don’t call it violence, call It action. Kids love action."

    "Toys is hell."

    "This would’ve made a hell of a commercial."

    It's Christmas Eve so this'll be short… mainly to say, this holds up even better than I'd expected - like the visual effects alone. I've been meaning to rewatch it for years just for Jerry Goldsmith's incredible score, one of the first I remember buying on CD. I honestly feel like…

  • Dead of Night

    Dead of Night


    I know I've seen this before, technically, but so long ago I have no memory of it (I actually remember the funny vanishing gesture in the penultimate story more than anything so I might've been even younger than I'm imagining…) … maybe the wrong idea to randomly watch it (especially after waking up from one of my random pre-christmas naps) because someone pointed out Sally Anne Howes (who died today) was in it, in a Christmas themed segment to boot……

  • A Picture Perfect Holiday

    A Picture Perfect Holiday


    A lot of hokum about film/digital (and, I'm just guessing, this was probably shot digital right? lol) but hey, I watched this just for Rivkah Reyes and I wanna see more of them in movies/TV/anything (I just miss their podcast), I just love them, and it's overall a lot of the traditional cute beats you expect with subtle glimmers of true diversity, a not gargantuan but still appreciated breath of fresh air in the Christmas TV movie glut.

    (Also? Red and green eggs. I'm actually adding the half star I was holding off on for that.)